Embedded Power Network
Retirement Villages
Embedded Power Networks

An Embedded Power Network represents a unique profit opportunity through the supply of electricity to Retirement Villages.

The EPN can be installed either in the development phase or can be retrofitted to existing installations, meaning there are no restrictions on those wanting to switch to an EPN.

Savant Energy Power Networks manage the installation, the purchase and supply of electricity, the billing and the collections. Through a joint venture agreement with the facility owner, the initial cost of the network is recouped through the profit share with SEPN.

Bulk Hot Water Networks

In retirement villages where Apartments/ Units are in the one complex (under one main roof), property developers or village owners specify that hot water be supplied from a centralised plant. By partnering with SEPN, the developer/ village owner can either reduce their capital outlay by assigning the ownership rights for the Embedded Bulk Hot Water Network over to SEPN, where SEPN will fund the capital outlay for the Plant and Meters.

Or alternatively SEPN will provide the Developer with a one off payment for assigning the ownership rights for the network over to SEPN. Under Both of these scenario’s the tenants receive a cost effective hot water infrastructure & developers/ village owners reduce capital costs during the development.

Embedded Gas Networks

Traditionally retirement villages that have mains natural gas supplied to each individual unit, gas costs are evenly split amongst the tenancies, regardless of actual consumption. Depending on the infrastructure in place within the villages, SEPN can provide metering points for each individual tenancy, resulting in a fairer user pays system.

Creating a profit stream through utility supply to a Retirement Village is a unique opportunity. Contact us today to enquire about how you can take advantage.