Embedded Power Network

In most instances Embedded Networks will be developed at the same time as construction. This presents two opportunities for the property developer or manager.

Commercial Agreement

Savant Energy Power Networks will enter into a commercial agreement to purchase the rights to manage the electricity rights for the building. This purchase is an additional revenue source for the developer/ manager.

Expertise & Negotiation

In addition, power connection costs will also be reduced through SEPN’s expertise and negotiating abilities with local network service providers (LNSP).

Qualified Installer

To avoid project delays, the builder may request the metering to be supplied and installed by qualified installer.

Low Cost Power

An opportunity for developers to offer low cost power proposition to purchasers.

One Metering Point

As all electricity coming into the building will be through one metering point, the switchboard and associated electrical costs are greatly reduced.

Avoid Delays

SEPN works directly with the builder to ensure smooth transition of power to the tenant, avoiding delays in either disconnection or reconnection of power to the tenancy.

Faster Service

SEPN aims to provide faster service by giving full control of service connection to electrical contractors avoiding delays in waiting for the local network provider.

SEPN works with large to medium-sized businesses and corporations in Australia who are engaged in property development, retirement villages, commercial areas, etc. SEPN provided these additional benefits:

Face-to-face meetings

SEPN is passionate about giving excellent service to clients and is open to meet up customers to discuss issues and concerns thoroughly.

No marketing spin

We aim to be transparent in all our dealings. And we value our integrity as well.

Payment options

Several methods of payment will be made available. Additional discount will be offered for automatic direct debit payments, or pay on time receipt. Cheque, account transfer, direct debit and credit card payment will be accepted.

Energy Advice

SEPN is managed by qualified professionals who have been in the energy market for 5 years giving significant advice to clients on supply agreements, determining the lowest cost network tariff structure for individual sites.

Energy Tips

SEPN give advice and tips on issues in relation to operational, financial and licensing issues. Most clients are from the local government, not for profit and commercial sectors operators.

Pricing Structure

We strive to maintain a consistent and transparent pricing structure with meaningful discounts offered to retail standing offer rates.