Embedded Power Network
Property Developers
Embedded Power Networks

Choosing to incorporate an Embedded Power Network into the infrastructure of a new building development presents an exciting opportunity for property developers.

SEPN will provide a one off payment to the Developer for transfer of the ownership rights of the EPN to SEPN. Future tenants will receive the Benefits of cheaper Electricity costs, whilst the Developer gains some financial recovery for the network that they would not otherwise have received

Bulk Hot Water Networks

In medium to large multi-tenant facilities, property developers specify that hot water be supplied from a centralised plant.

By partnering with SEPN, the developer can either reduce their capital outlay by assigning the ownership rights for the Embedded Bulk Hot Water Network over to SEPN, where SEPN will fund the capital outlay for the Plant and Meters.

Or alternatively SEPN will provide the Developer with a one off payment for assigning the ownership rights for the network over to SEPN. Under Both of these scenario’s the tenants receive a cost effective hot water infrastructure & developers reduce capital costs during the development.

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