Embedded Power Network
Community / Strata Corporations
Embedded Power Networks

An Embedded Power Network represents a dual benefit for Strata and Community Title property owners.

Partnering with Savant Energy Power Networks gives you the opportunity to have a fully managed electricity supply and billing system that supplies power at reduced rates for tenants as well as common areas, increasing purchaser appeal.

Bulk Hot Water Networks

For Strata Managers and Strata Corporations, managing the costs of supplying Hot Water and billing tenants can be a difficult process. SEPN can either purchase the Bulk Hot Water Network off the Strata Corporation for financial consideration or Manage the network on behalf of the Strata Corp.

Both options provide the Strata Corporation with cost effective heated water, whilst reducing the headaches in managing energy sourcing, metering, billing and collection functions.

Cold Water Metering

In Mullti-tenant facilities Cold Water costs are normally equally split across the tenancies, regardless of the actual individual consumption. SEPN can work with Strata Managers and Corporations to implement individual Water metering which will provide a fairer user pays system. Under this arrangement SEPN will provide all meter reading, billing and collection functions on behalf of the Strata Corporation

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